New Mandalorian Theory Suggests Din Djarin Is The True Heir To The Darksaber


An intriguing new theory suggests that there could be another surprise twist to come in the lineage of the Darksaber on The MandalorianMoff Gideon was revealed to have somehow got his hands on the ancient weapon in the season 1 finale of the hit Star Wars show, which marked the saber’s live-action debut following its prominent appearances in The Clone Wars and Rebels. 

Gideon was once again shown to wield it in last week’s “Chapter 14,” but obviously, he’s not the rightful owner of the legendary Mandalorian weapon, so who is? Well, a theory put forward by FandomWire has worked out a chain of logic suggesting that it’s actually none other than Din Djarin himself.

To begin with, Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian Jedi, was the original owner of the Darksaber, with it passed down through House Vizsla over thousands of years. Pre Vizsla had it during the Clone Wars until Darth Maul killed him and as per the fundamental rule of the Darksaber’s ownership, it rightfully belongs to whoever bests its previous owner in a duel.

So, Maul did have a claim to it. Sabine Wren later stole it from the Dathomirian, though, and passed it onto Bo-Katan Kryze, who’s now thought to be its true owner. But Wren didn’t best Maul in battle and so never had an actual claim to the saber. And with the aforementioned villain dead, this means that it should revert to House Vizsla.

The next candidate, then, is Paz Vizsla, encountered by Djarin in season 1, but it’s unclear if he survived the skirmish on Nevarro. If he didn’t, then Mando becomes the rightful heir. The Death Watch was formed by members of House Vizsla and Djarin was a foundling raised by the Watch. Therefore, the Darksaber could genuinely be his.

If this is the case, Mando would no doubt hand it back to Bo-Katan anyway, as he’d know that she’s the one who’d do the most good with it, but it would be interesting to see this theory proved correct in a future season of The Mandalorian.