Could Boba Fett Show Up On Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian?


While the Boba Fett movie doesn’t look like it’ll be getting off the ground, surely a character this popular can only stay off-screen for so long, right? After all, from Yoda to Maul, it seems like there’s hardly a cherished figure from Star Wars movies past that Disney isn’t finding some way of bringing back these days, and The Mandalorian would arguably be a fitting place to do the bounty hunter the same favor.

In fact, a theory has started making the rounds that the title character of the franchise’s first live-action series is, in fact, Boba himself, with The Empire Strikes Back star finding a new outlet now that his movie’s got the axe. This notion partly lies in the notable similarities between the armor worn by the show’s lead and the suit worn by a young Boba in another of the character’s cancelled projects, a Lucasfilm video game titled Star Wars: 1313.

Of course, seeing how Fett had a movie of his own scheduled until recently, it seems unlikely that he’d have a TV show in the works at roughly the same time. What’s more, the early synopsis we’ve got for this spinoff specifically says that it’ll be set “After the stories of Jango and Boba Fett,” indicating that the torch will be passed to some fresh face.

But while the latest person behind the helmet is more likely to be a brand new personality, you can already see a few connections between this upcoming project and the famed mercenary, suggesting that an actual appearance from Boba isn’t beyond the realm of possibility. For one thing, writer Jon Favreau recently posted an image of a rifle wielded by the lead that fans quickly traced back to a weapon used by the character in The Star Wars Holiday Special.

So if The Mandalorian doesn’t have a Fett appearance planned, the project certainly seems to be borrowing a lot of his stuff, and perhaps we’ll find out why if Lucasfilm ever feels generous enough to share some details.

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