Here’s How Mark Hamill Could Look As The Joker In Crisis On Infinite Earths

Batman-Animated-Series-Mark-Hamill-Not-First-Joker (1)

Last week, we learned the surprising, thrilling news that Kevin Conroy will be making his live-action debut as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Arrowverse crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Ever since then, fans have been wondering: could his old sparring partner Mark Hamill put in an appearance as the Joker as well? Though it’s already been rumored, we’ve yet to have it confirmed. But what would Hamill actually look like as the Clown Prince of Crime in the flesh?

Well, digital artist Skull101ify has now given us an idea. Based on a shot of Hamill’s villainous Trickster from The Flash, the fan art recreates a classic Joker look, complete with green hair, acid-shooting lapel flower and, just for fun, a creepy fairground – named “Joker’s Fun House” – in the background.

See for yourself in the gallery below:

Of course, fans will know that Hamill already has history with the Arrowverse. For the first three seasons of The Flash, the Star Wars legend featured once a year as the Trickster, partly a revamp of Hamill’s character of the same name in the 1990s Flash series and also partly a take-off on his Joker. However, due to his busy schedule, Hamill’s been unavailable to reprise his role since then. So, this might cause a problem with getting him on board for “Crisis.”

But even if Hamill was free to take part, would The CW even be able to obtain the rights to use the Joker? Infamously, even Gotham couldn’t use his name or faithfully recreate his look on-screen for Cameron Monaghan’s Jeremiah Valeska, due to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movie this October. Would the Arrowverse have the same restrictions, especially as the crossover comes out just two months after the film?

Time will tell, but if it did happen, it’d be the stuff that DC fans’ dreams are made of – Conroy and Hamill facing off in live-action after nearly 30 years of voicing Batman and the Joker. Whatever happens on this front though, at least there are plenty more incredibly exciting cameos due in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” as it is.