Martin Freeman Believes Sherlock Should Come To An End


Officially, BBC’s smash hit detective drama Sherlock is only on hiatus, to be resumed whenever its two blockbuster lead actors – Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman – can find the time to film some more episodes. Unofficially, though, it’s looking increasingly likely that the show is over. The cast and crew’s comments since the fourth season wrapped up in 2017 have given the distinct feeling that they won’t be reuniting for more.

Now, Doctor Watson himself, Martin Freeman, has offered perhaps the clearest clue yet that Sherlock‘s lifespan is up. The star spoke to Heart and suggested that he thinks they should call it a day. He even came up with the perfect reference point to explain why Sherlock shouldn’t return.

“I always feel you do something as long as everyone involved want to do it, as long as the band wants stays together you do it. So I don’t know, I’m just one of the band. It takes a lot to get us all together, that’s the truth of it. But I really do believe in brevity and economy. If it’s good enough for the Beatles it’s good enough for me. Seven years making records, then off.”

Freeman’s Beatles analogy is a neat comparison we haven’t heard made before. The Fab Four famously performed together from 1963 to 1970 before going their separate ways. If that short history didn’t damage the Beatles’ reputation – in fact, it’s probably part of the reason they’re so celebrated – then you can see the thinking why Sherlock, which began in 2010, should similarly bow out after seven years.

Bizarrely, you can even stretch the comparison further. The Beatles racked up 13 core albums over their tenure. Guess how many episodes Sherlock produced during the same seven year period? Yup, also 13, comprising four seasons of three installments and one Christmas special. Given these spooky similarities, it’s looking like maybe the show should give it a rest and keep its claim as the TV version of The Beatles.

Sherlock fans, tell us, do you agree with Freeman that brevity is better? Or do you want Cumberbatch to don the deerstalker again for a fifth season? Have your say in the comments section down below.

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