Marvel Chooses Iron Fist’s Scott Buck As Showrunner For The Inhumans


The Hollywood Reporter is telling today us that Marvel has chosen Iron Fist showrunner Scott Buck to oversee The Inhumans, their upcoming ABC series which will premiere in IMAX theatres in September 2017. Set to revolve around Black Bolt and the Royal Family, casting is expected to get underway shortly now that Buck has come on board to steer the ship.

Iron Fist hasn’t premiered yet (though it did debut some new photos earlier today), but Marvel is obviously pleased with the showrunner’s work on the series if they’re bringing him in to take care of a hugely important project like The Inhumans. We say “hugely important” because the show is a very ambitious endeavour for the studio and one that could change the television landscape considerably if executed well.

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Not only will The Inhumans premiere in IMAX theatres, but the first two episodes will be shot using IMAX cameras, ensuring that audiences get “cinema quality visual effects.” Also, instead of having a 22 episode first season, the show will run for just 8 instalments and will not be considered a spinoff of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is great to hear as it’ll open up The Inhumans to a wider audience, as not everyone watches S.H.I.E.L.D. In fact, if the recent ratings are anything to go by, it seems that fewer people are watching it than ever before.

Finally, we also know that the series will be set in the present day with some of the action taking place on the moon. No further details were revealed about the plot or how it will fit into the overall Marvel universe, but now that things seem to be picking up steam, you can expect to learn more shortly.

The Inhumans is set to arrive next Fall in IMAX theatres before heading to ABC, and given everything we’ve heard about it so far, it really does sound like it’ll be something totally unique and unlike anything we’ve seen on television before – at least, as far as superhero/comic book properties go.