Marvel Said To Be Eyeing Ronda Rousey For She-Hulk Role


To be honest, I was never quite sure that we’d ever see She-Hulk as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even with all the characters who’ve already been introduced, one can never be quite sure of which players the studio will adapt next – especially with the complicated situation involving the Hulk himself. I’m sure you know something about how Disney and Universal essentially have joint custody over the Green Goliath, so there’s no need to talk about him at length when we’re here to discuss his cousin.

By now, pretty much every True Believer living on Planet Earth is aware of how a She-Hulk series will debut on the Disney Plus streaming service in the not too distant future. And should your memory serve you well, then you’ll also remember how we were the first ones to tell you such a thing would happen long before the official announcement, ditto for Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel.

I think the most pertinent question on everyone’s mind though is “who’ll land the title role?” Well, according to the same sources who provided us with the above information, Ronda Rousey is being eyed for the gig. Right now, it remains unclear to us if she’s actually been contacted, but she is named on an internal shortlist, among others.

Personally, I think Ronda is a fine choice for the role. The average Joe likely knows her best from her days of Mixed Martial Arts fighting, but she’s gone on to accomplish other things in her impressive and eclectic career. Action movie junkies should remember her from Furious 7 and The Expendables 3, while others will recognize Rousey from her stint in the WWE. Honestly, I think her ability to both kick ass and entertain only adds to her potential.

When it comes to other relevant She-Hulk news, our source also told us of how Red Hulk, the Abomination and the Leader are each expected to show up on the series at some point. Stay tuned for more though, because there’ll eventually be a lot of additional details to talk about as the project continues to take shape.