There’s Now A Petition For Marvel To Renew Inhumans


Inhumans might be far and away the most critically-reviled entry in the whole wide Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s worth remembering that not every single Marvel fan hates it. In fact, some found it to be a relatively enjoyable slice of superhero entertainment and are now miffed about rumours that the show may be cancelled after just one season.

One such fan has been motivated to create a petition on calling for Marvel to give the series another chance. The petition comes with a lengthy and well-balanced essay which admits the faults that the first season of Inhumans suffered from but also points out why it would be wrong to give it a premature chop.

Here’s how the creator put it:

“The show had a decent story while every actor involved gave the best he could. Their performances are noteworthy and every problem about which the people complained was eventually solved or was a major plot point by the finale (Maximus’ pure intentions were later revealed to be for his own, the monarch system’s flaws were also acknowledged and so on).

Continuing on, it reads:

For all the haters wanting this to be canceled, they seem to forget as to how Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. improved after the initial episodes and is currently one of the best comic book shows on air.

Further, once gone, these characters will never EVER return and that seems to me like such a waste. Instead, they should give the show another chance, maybe with a shorter run with a higher budget and with maybe a new showrunner as most of the people who hated Iron Fist and Scott Buck just transferred that hate for him on this show as well.”

This fan makes some good points. While it wasn’t received with such open hostility as InhumansAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was also met with disappointing reviews when it first aired. However, from the latter half of season 1 onwards, it started picking up and is now in season 5.

This petition is also right that it would be a tragedy if the cancellation of Inhumans meant that this is the last we see of the gang in the MCU. Black Bolt, Medusa and the rest are some of the most storied characters in Marvel history and once upon a time it looked like the studio were hoping to launch an Inhumans franchise to rival Fox’s X-Men. Obviously, this isn’t the objective anymore, as Disney have now bought out Fox, but it would still be a shame if the introduction of the X-Men into the MCU meant the Inhumans were swept under the rug.

Still, if the folks at Marvel really have made up their minds about cancelling Inhumans, this petition probably won’t have much of an effect. After all, at the time of writing, it’s racked up only 41 signatures. If you count yourself a fan though and want to see more, be sure to sign it and show your support.