Marvel fans agree that this character has the worst fate in the MCU

Jessica Jones and Kilgrave

When you sit down to watch a Marvel movie or TV show, you know that the heroes are most likely going to win in the end, but that doesn’t mean they get to save everyone. Something the MCU has always done is depict its superpowered protagonists as fallible individuals who sometimes make grave mistakes, causing others to lose their lives in the process. But which character has the very worst fate in the whole franchise? Fans have agreed that there is only one option.

As first pitched by u/josephexboxica on the r/MarvelStudios subreddit, many think that Hope Shlottman from Jessica Jones season 1 has the most horrific fate of anyone in the entire MCU. For those who don’t remember, Hope is a victim of Kilgrave’s, who uses his mind-control powers to not only kidnap and rape her for months, but also make her murder her parents. She then had to kill herself in order to avoid becoming the Purple Man’s puppet once more.

When put like that, it’s hard not to agree that Hope ⏤ ironically, given her name ⏤ is the most hopeless case in the entire MCU. That said, none of Kilgrave’s victims had it easy. Remember that guy he forced to hand over his kidneys who then had to remain in the care of his smothering mother for the rest of his life?

This thread made people appreciate how truly terrifying David Tennant’s Kilgrave was all over again.

It also made folks realize that Hope actress Erin Moriarty later went on to play Starlight on The Boys.

There’s actually more similarity between Moriarty’s two comic book roles than meets the eye.

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