Marvel fans are obsessed with the ugly Christmas sweaters in ‘Hawkeye’

Dozens of Marvel fans just added a new item to their Christmas lists: the ugly Christmas sweaters from episode four of Disney Plus’ Hawkeye.

The episode saw Kate and Clint trade out their typical outfits for some far more festive outerwear. The stunning sweaters they donned for the fresh episode became an instant hit and inspired numerous Marvel fans to begin the hunt for a similar set.

Christmas is at the core of Hawkeye and remains an integral part of the series. Director Rhys Thomas recently discussed some of the Christmas movies that helped shape the first season of Clint and Kate’s story. He noted that numerous popular Christmas favorites, including Die Hard, the first two Home Alone films, and even Gremlins all helped to inspire the series, with a few of them getting direct shout-outs within the episodes.

The Christmas sweaters tie perfectly into the overarching festive themes in Hawkeye, after Kate and Clint donned them to participate in the Barton family Christmas movie marathon. Let’s hope Disney planned for this when developing merchandise for the series, because they have quite a few interested buyers on their hands.

In the hours after the new episode aired, numerous fans took to social media to demand access to the sweaters to beef up their own holiday collections.

Other fans were less interested in making a purchase and more interested in simply hyping the ugly sweater versions of Kate and Clint. The sight of two spectacular heroes in relatable and charming Christmas sweaters turned out to be just what the holidays needed.

After all, it’s hard to beat a grumpy cat Christmas sweater.

Hopefully Disney will respond quickly to the sudden surge in ugly sweater popularity and provide a link for eager Hawkeye fans to follow.