Marvel Fans React To The Punisher And Jessica Jones’ Cancellation

The Punisher

We all knew it was coming, but now it’s official. Netflix has cancelled The Punisher and Jessica Jonesmeaning that the streaming service has completed its purge of all its Marvel TV series. Just because we expected it, though, that doesn’t do anything to soften the gut-punch of learning that we won’t be seeing Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle and Krysten Ritter’s super-powered private eye on our screens again.

In fact, it seems that some fans just can’t handle the pain, with one Twitter user feeling like a bloodied, angry Wilson Fisk upon finding out the news.

These characters have been with us since 2015/2016, so it’s definitely a big emotional blow that the whole Defenders-verse has been taken away from us, as this fan puts it:

Another fan eloquently captured how we’re all feeling about the situation, explaining that as Netflix didn’t cancel The Punisher immediately after season 2 landed in January, we could’ve fooled ourselves into thinking it’d survive. But sadly, now we know that’s not the case.

Others, meanwhile, are so incensed by the loss of the Marvel series that they’re preparing to cancel their Netflix subscription.

Alternatively, some are pitching the idea to Hulu that they should pick up the Marvel/Netflix shows, with the incentive that they’d get an influx of Marvel fans subscribing to them instead of their rivals.

Overall, the following tweet nails what we’re all thinking:  Not so much shock but rather grim acceptance and disappointment.

The one silver lining here is that Jessica Jones season 3 is yet to air, meaning we have one last season of the Defenders-verse left to go. Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb also doesn’t seem to be ruling out a return for any of these shows in new formats and outlets in the future, but right now, that seems like a long shot. Especially given the red tape Marvel would have to deal with if they wanted to resurrect their Netflix properties.

Tell us, though, how do you feel about the streaming site cancelling The Punisher and Jessica Jones? As always, you can share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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