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Marvel fans rejoice as one hero appears in the Marvel Studios logo for the first time

Pay close attention to the start of 'Ms. Marvel'...

Ms. Marvel
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This Wednesday marks the release of the Ms. Marvel premiere, the big debut of Iman Vellani’s latest MCU heroine Kamala Khan, but some fans are too preoccupied by another first that concerns the last franchise newcomer. It seems a lot of the folks are still in their Moon Knight era as Marvel Twitter’s going crazy over Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector making his first appearance in the iconic Marvel Studios logo intro at the start of Ms. Marvel episode one.

The intro sequence, which plays at the beginning of every Marvel production, continually gets updated with new clips as the universe keeps on growing and growing, and with Moon Knight now complete, the Fist of Khonshu has joined the lineup of heroes showcased in the logo clip show. Specifically, Moon Knight can be glimpsed occupying the M โ€” which can’t be a coincidence โ€” in Marvel. And fans can’t get enough of Marc’s Ms. Marvel cameo.

Moony’s moving on up in the world.

Now he’s officially part of the MCU family.

Others have noted that some footage from latest MCU film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is featured in the logo intro, too.

Scarlet Witch, however, has been removed. Is this a sign she really died in Doctor Strange 2?

If you’re wondering why Spider-Man isn’t in this logo, that’s because Sony doesn’t allow him to appear in non-Spidey-related projects.

With Moon Knight joining the Marvel logo squad so soon after his MCU debut, that leaves us wondering when Ms. Marvel herself will get the same treatment. So far, Doctor Strange 2 is the only movie to feature clips from the TV shows in its intro (footage from WandaVision was included) so she might not turn up in Thor: Love and Thunder‘s opening. That may mean we’ll have to wait until She-Hulk premieres in August for Kamala to land this honor.

For now, catch Ms. Marvel as it airs new episodes on Disney Plus every Wednesday.

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