Marvel Fans Slam Captain America Account For Replacing Sam Wilson


This week delivers the premiere of What If…?, Marvel’s highly anticipated animated anthology series that will offer up a different alternate universe every week. To promote the show, the official Captain America Twitter account changed up its layout, switching out the Falcon and the Winter Soldier-flavored Sam Wilson theme for Hayley Atwell’s Captain Carter, a Peggy variant who’s the focus of What If…?‘s first episode.

Well, if the goal was to get the fans talking, then Marvel’s Twitter team definitely succeeded. Folks are getting riled up on Twitter over Anthony Mackie’s Sam being “replaced” by Peggy. Some are becoming antsy over the former Falcon being switched for a white character, while others just don’t understand why a British heroine, wearing a Union Jack-adorned costume, is the new star of the Captain America Twitter.

Should Marvel just have made Captain Carter her own account?

Hot take.

As always, there’s two sides to this discussion and other fans are calling for people to calm down. This is obviously a temporary marketing move and the Captain America Twitter account will no doubt revert to the Sam branding once Peggy’s What If..? episode has come out.

“Sam Wilson is still our Captain America.”

On the other hand, some just feel like we didn’t have Sam as the face of Captain America for long enough for him to be switched out so soon.

Once Sam finally accepted Steve Rogers’ mantle in Falcon, the Cap social media accounts replaced Chris Evans’ face with Mackie’s As things stand, the Captain America Facebook page still features Wilson, so the Captain Carter marketing ploy is only being utilized on Twitter. Another clue that this is just a temporary rebranding. Relax, guys, Sam isn’t going anywhere. In fact, we know he’ll be back in Captain America 4.

Don’t miss What If…? when it premieres on Disney Plus this Wednesday, August 11th.