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Marvel Fans Think They Spotted Chris Evans In Hawkeye Trailer

Did Chris Evans appear in the Hawkeye film as a very different character? Chances are, not really, but fans are still holding on to the idea!

While all good things must come to an end, fans are having a hard time letting go of Chris Evans within the realm of the MCU. Evans has been a staple as Captain America, and while the torch has been passed to a worthy hero, it feels weird to think about the Avengers without Chris Evans.

Maybe that’s why today, fans thought they spotted Evans in the Hawkeye trailer — taking on a very different role.

As the trailer shows, and the synopsis for the film reads, this is Hawkeye as a ‘former-Avenger’ — further setting in stone that the group of heroes we know and love just can’t exist the way they used to anymore. Things changed, times changed, and we faced some tough losses in that final battle against Thanos in the moments leading up to it.

That still doesn’t make those goodbyes any easier, and one goodbye many fans are still struggling with is the one we said to Steve Rogers. Many fans thought his storyline felt wrapped up in a way that wasn’t authentic to his character, while others thought it was a full-circle moment. So it’s no surprise that many are still hanging on to Steve Rogers within the Marvel Universe… somehow.

Fans did see a tribute to Evans’ Steve Rogers as he’s getting his own musical within Hawkeye, but they thought they may have seen him in the flesh too. Could Chris Evans have a hilarious cameo in the Disney Plus series?

Some fans thought that Evans might be appearing in the series within the Steve Rogers musical, not as Rogers himself but as Thor.

Maybe, since we lost Stan Lee and there aren’t going to be the comedic and heartwarming cameos from Lee anymore, that Evans could take on that role.

Some fans note that we could still have Evans in Hawkeye and the musical in some regard — like as an audience member! Imagine if Steve Rogers, in all of his aged glory, was sitting there watching his story unfold.

Evans has called it a dream to be in a musical, so some fans are sensing that his reaction to NOT being included in the Rogers musical probably made him live out this gif a time or two.

This fan said that since Evans is already making cameos in some upcoming films, he could show up for an episode of Hawkeye.

This fan was truly all of us when we found out about the musical. It just has to be Evans in those musical scenes AS Steve Rogers. We deserve it. He deserves it!

Fans did actually see Evans in relation to Hawkeye in a pure way today. He is excited about the series and had an exchange with Renner on Instagram.

While fans aren’t getting their hopes up, we all know that Steve Rogers is never too far away. He said it best himself in a letter to Tony Stark.

“So no matter what, I promise you if you need us — if you need me — I’ll be there.”

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