Meet The Royal Family Of Marvel’s Inhumans With These Character Posters


Marvel’s latest TV series, Inhumans, hasn’t gotten off to the best start so far, as fans have laid into the show for its allegedly poor-looking production values, sets and visual effects. Still, at the very least, comic book readers are probably somewhat excited to see the Inhuman Royal Family brought to the screen for the first time, and if they aren’t, then maybe these new character posters will change their minds.

The seven one-sheets we have for you today each highlight one of the main characters of the show – except everyone’s favourite, Lockjaw the giant teleporting bulldog. They’re actually pretty well designed, too, as each is given their own colour scheme, tagline and accompanying background to showcase the character. The posters also hint at each Inhumans’ powers or traits. For instance, Medusa’s hair, Crystal’s manipulation of the elements – even if it looks like Doctor Strange’s magic circles – and Triton’s aquatic nature.

Silent monarch Black Bolt (Anson Mount) is naturally titled “The King” in his poster, hair-raising Medusa (Serinda Swann) is introduced as “The Queen,” their daughter Crystal (Isabelle Cornish) is then labelled “The Princess” and the strategically-minded adviser Karnak (Ken Leung) is “The Visionary.” Meanwhile, super-strong Royal bodyguard Gorgon (Eme Ikwuakor) is “The Guardian,” the green-skinned Triton (Mike Moh) is called “The Operative” and, finally, Black Bolt’s scheming brother Maximus (Iwan Rheon) is “The Revolutionary.”

It won’t be long now until we finally get to judge Inhumans on its own merits. Uniquely, the show will debut in IMAX cinemas first, before the complete eight episode first season arrives on ABC a couple of weeks later. It might be a gamble that pays off, and brings a wider audience than ever to Marvel’s television division. Or it could just blow up the show’s flaws for all to see on the big screen. Time will tell.

Inhumans IMAX run begins on September 1st.