Marvel Reportedly Bringing Blade To Hulu


Is everyone’s favorite daywalker headed to Hulu? It seems so, as a new report from MCU Cosmic claims that the House of Ideas has plans to bring Blade to the platform.

This news come hot on the heels of the announcement of Marvel’s Ghost Rider and Helstrom, which were recently revealed as new live-action series for the streaming service, where they’ll fit comfortably alongside Runaways, the teen-centric superhero show that’s gone down pretty well with viewers so far.

According to MCU Cosmic, though, the studio has big plans for their supernatural/horror-themed characters and that includes Blade, who’s apparently set to be brought back to life on the small screen. Whether that’ll be via his own show or simply by appearing in Ghost Rider and/or Helstrom, we’re not sure, but either way, this is good news.

After all, Marvel fans have been left longing for a Blade reboot and though everyone wants to see Eric Brooks back on the big screen, it seems that the character will be kept on Hulu – for now, at least. But that still begs the question of who will play him?

Indeed, Wesley Snipes would be many fans’ top choice, but given that Blade: Trinity came out 14 years ago and Snipes is now 56, it seems unlikely he’ll suit up again. True, the hero does age very slowly in the comics, but it’s still tough to imagine Wesley playing the same version of the character we last saw in the original trilogy. Unless, of course, it’s just to pass the mantle onto someone else.

Regardless of what Marvel has planned, as we said above, this is definitely good news and though the studio has yet to officially comment on it at the time of writing, all the signs point to Blade getting ready to return to our screens. And how exciting is that?

Source: MCU Cosmic