Marvel Reportedly Exploring A WandaVision-Like Show For Deadpool


Since the comic book boom exploded into life 20 years ago, costumed crimefighters have been adapted into almost every genre from action and comedy to thriller and horror. However, for some reason, the superhero sitcom has proved a tough nut to crack. Of course, there are plenty of great movies and TV shows with a lot of laughs, while The Boys and The Tick offer very different yet equally effective sources of humor, but the sitcom has found itself largely ignored.

The most high profile attempt was Warner Bros.’ Powerless, a workplace comedy set at a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises that took place within the DC Universe, which was swiftly canceled before the first season had even finished airing. Then there was also the BBC’s My Hero, ITV’s No Heroics, as well as Disney’s kid-centric Lab Rats: Elite Force and Nickelodeon duo Henry Danger and The Thundermans.

No doubt, Marvel Studios will be hoping that WandaVision fares much better, with the series directly inspired and influenced by a number of classic sitcoms. And if it indeed proves to be a hit with audiences, then we’ve heard from our sources – the same ones that told us Thor: Love and Thunder will adapt Jane Foster’s cancer storyline months before it was confirmed – that the studio would also like to give Deadpool his own comedy/sitcom show that’d retain the character’s fourth wall-breaking and irreverent nature and feature several MCU cameos.

Unfortunately, no further details are available, but if Marvel handled it along lines of Space Ghost Coast to Coast or even Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, then this could be an incredible idea. The thought of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool hosting an adult-orientated talk show parody or sitcom where he brings various other superheroes on as guests sounds phenomenal, and would certainly maximize the Merc with a Mouth’s personality traits without forcing him into a PG-13 environment.