Marvel Reportedly Recasting Luke Cage And Iron Fist For Heroes For Hire Series

Iron Fist

While Charlie Cox is all but officially confirmed to return as Daredevil very soon and the popularity of both Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones and Jon Bernthal’s Punisher give them a fighting chance at a comeback, there’s been little talk of Mike Colter and Finn Jones likewise getting another shot at playing Luke Cage and Iron Fist. According to a new report, that’s because Marvel is planning to recast these characters for a Heroes for Hire Disney Plus series.

That Hashtag Show broke this story, sharing that they’ve got hold of a casting call for the project that confirms Power Man and Danny Rand are being rebooted in the MCU. Little is known about what direction Marvel Studios wish to take Luke in, but THS claims that Heroes For Hire will make a big change to Iron Fist. This time, the character will be played by an Asian actor. The top choice is allegedly Deadpool 2‘s Lewis Tan.

The outlet writes that the groundwork for the series will be laid in other street-level Marvel shows but the pair will make their debuts in their own series. The idea is that it will be a procedural show, with the duo taking on a different case every week and facing a variety of villains. There will be an overarching plot, but mostly it’ll be made up of standalone episodes.

As for why Marvel elected to recast, THS shares that Marvel is believed to have immediately discounted the idea of bringing back Jones due to the negative reception of Netflix’s Iron Fist. The studio apparently met with Colter but both parties ultimately agreed it wouldn’t work to pair him up with a different Danny and it’d make more sense to start from scratch.

This is news that will likely divide the fandom, as Defenders-verse fans may be sad to see Colter and Jones go. Meanwhile, others may be excited for these characters being reintroduced in the MCU. Netflix frustratingly failed to give us a proper Heroes for Hire team-up between Luke Cage and Iron Fist, but it sounds like Marvel could be about to fix that.