Marvel Reveals The Ridiculous Title Of The Scarlet Witch And Vision Show


Where do Marvel characters go when they die? Well, they move on over to Disney Plus, apparently, where such Avengers: Infinity War fatalities as Loki, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson are all set to star in their own TV series, albeit with the latter two buddying up. And then, of course, there’s Scarlet Witch, who also found herself the victim of Thanos’ snap but was among the first of the MCU inhabitants to have her own TV show announced.

And now, it seems that we have a title for this small screen saga. From the looks of it though, Wanda Maximoff may have to share her billing with another familiar and seemingly deceased hero, as according to a Tweet from MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad, the show has chosen the moniker of WandaVision.

This title fits with those reports that said Paul Bettany’s character will be playing a prominent role in the series, but it’s also a fairly ridiculous name, especially when we’d heard a few months back that it was going to go by Vision and the Scarlet Witch. Why Marvel’s chosen to put the two names together now to make one word, we can’t say, but it’s a bizarre and kind of silly title for the series. Not to mention that it just sounds dumb when you say it, too.

In any case, while it’s all but likely that Avengers: Endgame will reverse the effects of the snap that killed Wanda Maximoff, Vision’s fate has long seemed more ambiguous. And while fans have offered up a number of theories for how Paul Bettany’s character may return, co-director Joe Russo put paid to all the speculation last November when he offered his assurance that Vision is indeed dead.

With that in mind, it could be that WandaVision will be set at an earlier point in the MCU timeline and be a prequel. Or, you know, Joe could just be lying to us, as he so often does. In any case, we should find out soon enough, as Endgame will be with us on April 26th and should provide the answers we so desperately seek.

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