Marvel Studios developing mysterious ‘space project’ for Disney Plus

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Marvel Studios looks to be developing a mysterious new project for Disney Plus that will explore the cosmic side of the MCU. The House of Ideas is continually working to expand its range of streaming content following the phenomenally successful launch of its exclusive-to-Disney-Plus series in 2021. What’s great about the shows we’ve received so far is that they’ve all occupied different corners of the franchise, and this intriguing space-set series promises that that is not going to change.

A new production listing from Production Weekly (via confirms that Marvel Studios is gearing up to start production on yet another Disney Plus TV series, which is currently only labelled as “Untitled Marvel Space Project.” Its status is listed as “Development,” with Marvel president Kevin Feige named as producer. That’s all we know for sure about this right now. See the evidence for yourself below:

As vague as this description of the project is, there’s one possible question that springs to mind: could this show finally introduce Nova? Marvel fans have been campaigning to see Richard Rider in the MCU for almost as long as there’s been an MCU. But though the Nova Corps first featured way back in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova himself has yet to show his golden helmet.

Kevin Feige has always been open about his ambitions to get Nova into the franchise, however, so we know he’s been working hard on making it happen. Could his efforts have finally paid off? While fans used to dream about a Nova movie, a TV series might just be the best place for the character, as it would allow for some extra room to explore the mythos surrounding Rider, and maybe even his fellow Nova, Sam Alexander.

Of course, this mystery show really could be about anything ⏤ a spinoff of either The Marvels or Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, for example. Either way, we’re excited to find out more about Marvel’s “Untitled Space Project.”

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