Marvel Studios Has Plans For Miss America As Part Of The Ultimates

Miss America

Miss America, aka America Chavez, is a superhero that feels custom-designed to send chuds into fits of frothing rage. First introduced in 2011, she’s a gay Latin-American immigrant, which must hit some kind of outrage bingo among the group of comic fans who are convinced a shadowy cabal of SJWs are ruining their favorite movies. Now, multiple sites are reporting on rumors that she’s coming to the MCU, possibly as part of the Ultimates team.

While insiders seem fairly certain that she’ll arrive in one form or another, with MCU Cosmic telling us she’s on the way, The Geeks Worldwide are claiming that the hero will get her own Disney Plus series. But given that Kevin Feige seems to have decided that the barrier between the movies and the TV shows will be much more porous than the Netflix series ever were, wherever she starts out doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where she’ll remain.

Apparently, Marvel Studios may introduce her as part of the Ultimates, which in the comics consists of Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Miss America, Spectrum (aka Monica Rambeau) and Blue Marvel. The team borrows their name from the Ultimate universe’s version of the Avengers, and deal primarily with cosmic threats to the Earth.

It’s notable that their most prominent storyline to date has been battling Galactus, who many see as the logical next big villain for the MCU to deal with. He’s perhaps the only foe stronger than Thanos, and now that Disney has the Fantastic Four IP it seems like a perfect time to finally do the big purple planet-eater right on screen (by which I mean making him not a cloud).

That event is a way off into the future yet, but let’s hope we hear some more concrete news about Miss America‘s arrival in the MCU very soon.