Marvel Unveils Huge Iron Fist Season 2 Banner Ahead Of SDCC


Spare a thought for Danny Rand.

The cocksure Defender struggled to leave much of an impression during Iron Fist season 1, after critics called out the show’s sluggish pace and lacklustre storytelling. So whereas Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage had all performed relatively well throughout their standalone series, Danny Rand soon become the odd one out for Netflix and Marvel Television.

Season 2 hopes to change all that with a leaner episode count and well-rounded characters – lead star Finn Jones (Danny Rand) has even gone so far as to suggest that Iron Fist‘s sophomore solo outing will be unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Which brings us to San Diego Comic-Con 2018. The industry’s landmark event is all set to begin this Thursday, when newly-appointed showrunner Raven Metzner will be rolling out the very first details for Iron Fist season 2 and, in all likelihood, the debut trailer. Until then, though, the eagle-eyed users of Reddit (h/t CBM) have uncovered some epic wall art dedicated to Danny Rand’s second coming.

Indeed, the second season of Iron Fist has proven to be Marvel’s sole concern during San Diego Comic-Con 2018  – you know, aside from that life-size LEGO statue of Thanos – given the studio’s film division is expected to forego a Hall H presentation for the second year on the trot.

It certainly bodes well for young Danny Rand, who will be able to seize the lion’s share of public attention this coming Thursday, when Marvel Television and Netflix are expected to host their Iron Fist season 2 panel at 6 pm PST. A late 2018 premiere is practically a given at this point – all we need is a firm due date.