Marvel’s The Defenders Social Media Account Hints At Spider-Man Connection


As all Marvel fans know, everything within the Marvel Cinematic Universe is connected. The events of The Avengers totally take place in the same universe as, say, DaredevilHowever, those on the big and small screens rarely reference each other – save a nod to “the green dude” or something in Jessica Jones. The official Facebook page for The Defendersthough, might have given us our first explicit connection between Spider-Man and New York’s street-wise heroes.

First, the social media account – that’s written from the point of view of the quartet of Netflix heroes – posted some links from the promotional tie-in website for the New York Bulletin, the newspaper featured in Daredevil. The page captioned it: “This city’s going to hell. #FakeNews.”

This city's going to hell. #FakeNews

Posted by Defenders on Monday, July 17, 2017

One fan then got into the spirit and asked if the Defenders knew about Spider-Man, referring to the events of Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming as if they really happened.

Now, here comes the bit that’s got fans buzzing. The page then responded to the above comment with an apparently harmless one-word reply: “Spider-guy?”

Fans who are desperate for some connection between the Netflix shows and Marvel’s movies are taking this as the first official confirmation that the webslinger is connected to The Defenders in some way. After all, of all the MCU movie heroes, Spider-Man is probably the one people most want to see team up with the likes of Daredevil. Vincent D’onofrio even wants Wilson Fisk to face off against Peter Parker.

In all likelihood, though, there isn’t any deeper meaning to this comment and it’s just the page admins having fun with the fans. If anything, the fact that the comment suggests that the Defenders haven’t heard of Spider-Man confirms there won’t be any sort of mention of him in the show.

Still, we could be wrong, though. One way or another, we’ll find out when The Defenders lands on Netflix on August 18th.

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