Marvel’s Echo Will Reportedly Set Up A New Season Of Daredevil

charlie cox daredevil

Charlie Cox canceling a convention appearance due to scheduling conflicts at right around the same time Spider-Man: No Way Home is undergoing reshoots has only lent weight to the rampant speculation that Netflix’s Daredevil is on his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Of course, we’ve been hearing the same old song and dance from almost the second the rights to the Defenders began reverting back to Kevin Feige’s outfit, but there are a number of significant pieces in play that all tie together almost suspiciously well.

To that end, we’ve been hearing from our sources – the same ones who told us Don Cheadle was getting his own Disney Plus series long before Armor Wars was announced – that Hawkeye spinoff Echo is reportedly set to lead directly into a brand new season of Daredevil on the Mouse House’s platform, which admittedly won’t be for a while with Echo not expected to premiere until around mid-2023.

Alaqua Cox will play deaf superhero Maya Lopez in Hawkeye before getting her own show, and in the comic books she’s gone on to form a romantic relationship with Matt Murdock, so there’s a connection there. On top of that, Echo was originally introduced into Marvel canon as a child raised by Wilson Fisk after he kills her father William Lopez.

Zach McClarnon fills that role in Hawkeye, and while the Echo actress is already in her mid-20s so that particular storyline can probably ruled out, Vincent D’Onofrio has also been heavily touted for a cameo in Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld’s passing of the torch adventure, talk he’s leaned into himself.

It wouldn’t be too difficult to change a couple of narrative elements and have it all make sense, placing Fisk as the one responsible for her old man’s demise and laying the groundwork for a Daredevil/Echo/Kingpin arc in the process.