Marvel’s Inhumans Has A Post-Credits Scene


In a groundbreaking move, the two-part pilot for Marvel’s latest TV series, Inhumans, is being released in IMAX theaters throughout September, before the series appears as usual on ABC at the end of the month. As it’s functionally one of the theatrical entries into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then, fans have been wondering whether the pilot would have the customary post-credits scene. With screenings beginning today, Friday September 1st, we now know that it indeed does.

Details on what it involves haven’t materialized online as yet, but multiple sources (including have confirmed that there’s a sneaky extra sequence squeezed in at the end of the credits. Due to the nature of this being a TV series rather than a movie, the scene likely won’t be as significant as those we’re used to and will probably just be more of a lead-in or cliffhanger for episode three of the show.

Here’s the bad news, though: at least two sources have reacted negatively to it. Reddit users HTTVChannel and Serf31 discussed the sequence and delivered their verdict, saying that it was “underwhelming” and “not worth sticking around for.” And it’s not only that which is getting ripped apart. In fact, the show as a whole doesn’t seem to be going over very well.

Fandom called the series “largely stripped of personality or flair” in their review, while Newsarama considers it “aimless and bleached-out” and decrees it “Game of Thrones-lite.” Perhaps most damning of all, however, is Digital Spy, who considers Inhumans “the weakest entry in the MCU to date, across screens big and small.”

But hey, at least it has a post-credits scene, right?