Marvel’s Small-Screen Heroes Unite In First Official Promo Photo For The Defenders

Defenders 2

Entertainment Weekly has blown the lid off The Defenders, Marvel and Netflix’s upcoming team-up series that’s set to premiere in 2017.

After scouring the four corners of New York City, the outlet has brought together Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Mike Colter’s musclebound Luke Cage – four solitary figures fighting to keep the peace in the city that never sleeps – for an awesome cover shoot (see below), one that’s fittingly framed on top of a NYC cab. Marco Ramirez, who has been elected showrunner for The Defenders, also offered up some context on how those four heroes cross paths in the first place, and it has something to do with Midland Circle, the nefarious business first introduced in Daredevil season 2.

“Every one of them is following their own trail of bread crumbs, trying to unpack a mystery in New York. We wanted them all caught off guard. Once they’re in that room together, it’s kind of like, ‘Oh, s—, who are you?’”

From that moment, our roguish heroes will come together to combat Sigourney Weaver’s mysterious big bad – just don’t compare Netflix’s fantastic four to the Avengers. According to Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb, The Defenders have a very particular, almost rebellious dynamic, and the show itself is designed to focus on the lesser-known heroes in the Marvel pantheon.

“The Defenders didn’t have a ‘D’ on their belt buckles and a Defenders Tower,” says Loeb. “We agreed from the very beginning that these folks could at the very end go, ‘I never want to see your face again.’”

EW promises to unveil much more about The Defenders over the coming days, so stay tuned for more. Marvel and Netflix’s ensemble series is expected to bow later this year – long after Iron Fist stages his solo outing on March 17.

The Defenders

‘Marvel’s The Defenders’ follows Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. A quartet of singular heroes with one common goal – to save New York City. This is the story of four solitary figures, burdened with their own personal challenges, who realize they just might be stronger when teamed together.