Marvel’s What If TV Series To Bring Back Peggy Carter


With the launch of Disney Plus coming up, Marvel Studios will be able to explore new creative avenues that go far beyond what we see in the MCU movies. But while many of the TV shows that have been revealed will still follow the continuity set out by what’s on the big screen, there’s one animated series that will be an exception.

As you’ve surely heard by now, Marvel Studios is producing a show based on the What If comics. For those unfamiliar with the source material, the series launched in February 1977 and has since put out roughly 200 issues, all of which offer canon-breaking storylines based around exciting hypothetical questions. For instance, there’s “What if Thanos joined the Avengers?,” “What if Professor X had become Juggernaut?” and “What if Iron Man was trapped in the time of King Arthur?”

From what we understand, the animated show will reportedly be overseen by Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios, and may even have some of the actors from the MCU reprising their roles. That remains to be confirmed, but what we can tell you with absolute certainty is the premise of the first episode.

According to, the premiere will “be set in a world where Peggy Carter got the Super Soldier Serum, and scrawny Steve Rogers joined the fight in a suit of armor created by Howard Stark.” Given how much fans love the relationship that Peggy and Steve shared in the movies, seeing them together on the small screen again is sure to be a treat, even if it’s only in animated form. Not to mention that having more of Peggy – after the cancellation of Agent Carter can only be a good thing.

As for whether Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell will return to voice their characters, again, that we don’t know, but Feige did tease that “new and returning cast members will be lending their voice to the animated counterparts.” Still, with or without the aforementioned actors, What If is sounding like an exciting addition to the Disney Plus roster and as more information on it surfaces, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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