Marvel’s What If…? Creator Confirms 4 Returning Characters For Finale

What If Ultron

Marvel’s What If…? has proven to be a fun detour for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, featuring remixed characters from the superhero franchise in imagined alternative universes, such as Hayley Atwell’s heroic Captain Carter, Benedict Cumberbatch’s demonic Strange Supreme, Chris Hemsworth’s goofy Party Thor and Michael B. Jordan’s dominating Killmonger.

For fans of the Disney Plus show who may have felt a little let down that we only got to spend less than a half-hour with most of them, they can find solace to know all of those aforementioned characters will be returning for the show’s finale, according to The Direct. The information was confirmed by showrunner Bryan Andrews in a recent interview. As always, be warned that spoilers lay ahead.

While most of the episodes of What If…? are standalone adventures that often cram an entire movie’s worth of plot into a single episode, the final three episodes appear to have a common thread in the multiverse-traversing enemy, Infinity Ultron.

Rather than losing his battle to destroy the world at the climax of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the insidious android is imagined to have succeeded in his plan in the penultimate episode of What If…? Having rejoined with his do-gooder alter-ego, Vision, and collected the Infinity Stones from the mighty Thanos after slicing him in half like butter. Infinity Ultron then did battle with the series’ narrator, The Watcher, played by Jeffrey Wright.

It seems the finale of the series will see The Watcher break his oath to not interfere with how each respective universe unfolds and he will recruit the likes of the mightiest throughout the multiverse to help defeat Ultron.

We’re excited to see the action unfold when the final episode of What If…? comes to Disney Plus on Wednesday, October 6th.