Marvel’s What If…? Star Teases The Watcher Appearing In Live-Action

The Watcher

Based on the first three episodes that were made available for review, Marvel’s What If…? appears to be operating under an anthology format, unless a major overarching storyline emerges in the subsequent six weeks. The connective tissue is provided by Jeffrey Wright as the Watcher, who offers a brief overview of what we’re about to see and how the major changes to Marvel Cinematic Universe canon were set in motion.

The character is a mainstay of comic book continuity having first debuted in 1963 and stuck around as a regular presence ever since, and now that the MCU is leaning heavily into the multiverse following the events of Loki‘s Season 1 finale, What If…? is technically official canon that unfolds in branched realities off the Sacred Timeline.

That means there’s absolutely no reason why Wright couldn’t do the opposite of the star studded voice cast and bring a role that he originated in animation into the live-action realm. In a new interview, the Westworld and The Batman star teased that he’s just getting started as the mysterious Uatu.

“We’ll see where he goes. We’ll see how dispassionate he is about all of this. But I mean the first time we see him on the moon in Fantastic Four, he finds himself in the middle of this cold war, east versus west, proxy battle. And he kicks some ass, he’s awesome, man. I mean, he’s not to be toyed with, the Watcher. Don’t get it twisted, I’m observing until I’m not, at least in that instance. So yeah. There’s some fun stuff to be had with him. We’ll see where it goes.”

It’s already been confirmed that Marvel’s What If…? is returning for a second season, so at least we know Wright will be sticking around for that. As per the comics, the Watchers rank among the most ancient and advanced beings in the entire universe, who sought to spread their knowledge to species they deemed as lesser, before a nuclear holocaust on the planet Prosilicus saw them vow never to interfere in person ever again.

Uatu was assigned to oversee Earth, but he’s been known to play fast and loose with his vow when humanity is in dire need of assistance, something that’s going to be on the cards very soon with multiple Kang the Conqueror variants on the way.