Master Chief looks kickass in the first ‘Halo’ series trailer


Until now, we’ve only gotten brief glimpses of what the live action version of Master Chief will look like in the Halo series coming next year to Paramount Plus. With the release of a new trailer, which premiered during The Game Awards Thursday evening, we’re now getting our closest look yet at the legendary Spartan solider.

As you can see, Pablo Schreiber’s rendition of Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, loyally recreates the character insofar as keeping his face largely hidden from view, Mandalorian-style.

Though the brief clip stops short of showing off Master Chief’s legendary battle moves, it does present epic and futuristic landscapes of humanity in the 26th century, with the super soldier seeming to solely shoulder the burden of our survival as he poses in an epic kneel in a desert setting.

For many gaming fans, the upcoming show will perhaps represent the one and only reason to even get a Paramount Plus subscription. And considering the popularity and household name that the game series has become, there’s a good chance the TV adaptation may bolster subscribers to the streaming service overall.

Microsoft originally announced the live action Halo series way back in 2013 during an early showcase of the Xbox One consoles. The series was relegated to development hell in the years since then.

In addition, this all comes after a previous Halo cinematic adaptation, slated to be helmed by Peter Jackson, fell through in the 2000s. Some of the prop guns and objects from that defunct film made their way onto the Jackson-produced sci-fi film District 9 in 2009.

The plot of the show remains largely unknown, other than it revolves around humankind fighting back against alien hordes in the 26th century.

The series is arguably arriving at a terrific time for Halo fans, since the newest Halo: Infinite videogame has recently released to rave reviews.

In addition, Jen Taylor will be reprising her role in the show as Cortana, Master Chief’s A.I. companion. The Halo series, slated for release in early 2022, will also co-star Yerin Ha, Boheem Woodbine, and Olive Gray.