Matt Nix Teases Presence Of X-Men Characters In Upcoming Fox Family Drama


It was earlier today that we learned Bryan Singer will take the helm of the pilot episode of Fox’s upcoming family drama set in the world of the X-Men, but now showrunner and writer Matt Nix has shed some light on the possibility of fan-favourite characters from the comic books (and presumably film franchise) showing up in the series.

Unlike Legion, it sounds like this project will be tied pretty closely to the movies, and with Singer directing the pilot, having him bring in some familiar faces does make sense. Despite being unwilling to reveal any names, Nix had this to say about what we should expect from the X-Men drama in terms of high-profile cameo appearances.

“Some of those things are slightly up in the air, but the fact that it’s a question I can’t answer tells you something. … Suffice it to say it’s a show that contains some characters that fans will be excited about. I can’t talk about specifics, but it’s not like there are no X-Men in it.”

It’s already been confirmed that the mutant-hunting Sentinels will appear, while the few details we do know about the show have indicated that the sewer-dwelling Morlocks will play a role, too. Those could be the mutants that Nix is referring to here, but we’ll surely get at least a handful of familiar names referenced in some way, too, and probably a few X-Men cameos as well. Who exactly may make an appearance remains to be seen, but as of now, you can color us intrigued.