Matt Smith says he’d rather return to ‘Doctor Who’ than do a ‘Morbius’ sequel

Image via BBC

Matt Smith’s career has gone from strength to strength ever since he exited the TARDIS back in 2013, but it seems The Crown star still holds a lot of affection for Doctor Who. So much so that Smith has revealed he would choose the chance to return as the Eleventh Doctor over the opportunity to make a sequel to his major new Marvel movie, Morbius.

In a snippet from an interview from the Morbius press junket that’s going viral in the Whovian fandom, Smith is asked whether he would prefer to have a Doctor Who reunion with former co-star Karen Gillan or face off against Jared Leto’s Living Vampire again for Morbius 2. Although he’s meant to be promoting the Sony superhero flick, Smith didn’t waste any time in revealing he’d rather make a grand comeback as the Time Lord.

Doctor Who,” he immediately responded. “Doctor Who‘s the best part in the world. I mean, that’s not to say that I wouldn’t love to be in a Morbius sequel with Jared, ’cause I would, but the Doctor’s the Doctor. Unbeatable. The greatest part on the planet.”

It’s heartwarming that Smith’s enthusiasm for the role of the Doctor hasn’t abated any in the years since he’s been away from the show. Likewise that he still considers the time-traveling hero to be the “greatest part on the planet,” despite the range of characters he’s portrayed since. The Last Night in Soho actor’s clear devotion to the Doctor, then, is only going to fuel speculation that he’ll be donning his bowtie again for next year’s 60th-anniversary special.

With Russell T. Davies returning to helm the series in 2023, much of the chatter surrounding the milestone anniversary has revolved around rumors that David Tennant is coming back. But, and while that may also be the case, it certainly sounds like Smith wouldn’t take much convincing to be involved in the project and team up with whoever’s going to play the Fourteenth Doctor.

Morbius is in theaters this weekend. Doctor Who returns with a new special this Easter.