May Grodd Have Mercy On The Scarlet Speedster On New Poster For The Flash


Last night’s episode of The Flash featured the Fastest Man Alive and his friends paying a visit to Earth-2 to rescue Harrison Wells from Solovar and his ape army. However, now that he’s been dealt with, Gorilla Grodd is hellbent on revenge and looking to invade his old home on Earth-1.

This puts Central City in serious jeopardy, and the Flash is going to need to call in all the help he can if he hopes to stop the psychic gorilla from lording over his home. That’s something which is evident from the promo above, and now a poster has been released which puts the spotlight squarely on the clash between the Scarlet Speedster and one of his most iconic villains.

For more on what to expect from this episode of The Flash – appropriately titled “Attack on Central City” – here’s the official synopsis:

When Grodd (voiced by David Sobolov) and his army of gorillas bring the battle to Earth-1, The Flash (Grant Gustin) and team must find a way to stop them before they destroy Central City. Gypsy (guest star Jessica Camacho) returns to join the fight. Meanwhile, Jesse Quick (guest star Violett Beane) decides she wants to stay with Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) on Earth-1. Dermott Downs directed the episode with story by Todd Helbing and teleplay by Benjamin Raab & Deric A. Hughes.

The CW has a spotty track record when it comes to posters, but this is a very impressive effort. In fact, you could go so far as to say that this is up there with most movie posters, and with the Flash currently struggling to find his footing on the big screen, this level of quality is something fans of the character will no doubt appreciate.

This second part of this event airs next Tuesday, and how exactly Barry Allen will go about taking down Grodd in The Flash, while unknown, promises to be a lot of fun, so be sure to tune in!