Another MCU Appearance Has Reportedly Been Confirmed For Daredevil

Daredevil Cancelled

We’ve already seen Daredevil as the star of a poor big screen adaptation featuring Ben Affleck and the hero of a much more enthusiastically received Netflix series that ran for three seasons, but one of the major benefits of the Man Without Fear being back under the Marvel Studios umbrella is that the character is now free to appear in both the movies and TV shows of the MCU once the inevitable reboot happens.

Although we don’t know for sure when or how Matt Murdock will reappear, or even if Marvel officially have the rights to all of the Defenders just yet, the rumor mill has already gone well into overdrive. We’ve heard that he could be Peter Parker’s lawyer in Spider-Man 3, Charlie Cox might be reprising the role for a fourth season of the show on Hulu and almost everything else in between, and while we can’t shed any new light on Daredevil’s re-debut just yet, we’ve nonetheless heard where he’ll be showing up in the future.

According to our intel, which comes from the same sources that told us She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel shows were in the works for Disney Plus before either was officially announced, Daredevil will definitely be rebooted at some point between now and the end of Phase Five, and is currently slated to appear in Moon Knight’s second season in a cameo role.

This makes sense given that both superheroes are residents of New York City, and having a recognizable name like Daredevil involved would instantly generate interest in the series from more casual comic book fans. Moon Knight’s first batch of episodes isn’t expected until mid-2022 at the earliest though, and you’d expect the sophomore season to arrive a couple of years after that, so by then Daredevil will have presumably been introduced into the wider MCU in either the movies or TV shows and could be used as the connective tissue that ties the more obscure likes of Marc Spector and his costumed alter-ego into the fabric of the interconnected franchise.