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MCU fans are already demanding ‘Daredevil’ crossovers in ‘Echo’

Alaqua better not be the only Cox in the cast.

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Marvel Studios announced today that Disney Plus series Echo has officially entered production. And while fans are excited to see more of Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez, following her introduction into the MCU in last winter’s Hawkeye, people are already demanding that some other beloved characters be featured in the show. Namely, a certain horn-headed hero/avocado-at-law.

Yes, MCU lovers are wasting no time in demanding that Echo bring back Charlie Cox to star opposite his namesake Alaqua (no relation) in the streaming series. Hawkeye already established a connection with the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen by bringing back Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk and revealing that he’s Maya’s uncle. Plus, Cox himself cameod in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which marked his first appearance in a Marvel Studios (instead of Marvel Television) project.

So with work on Echo underway, folks are making it known they won’t stand for it if Matt Murdock fails to make it into the show.

Like Peter Parker before her, maybe Maya will need a good lawyer?

Alternatively, Matt and Maya are lovers in the comics, so it’s possible we could have yet another superhero power couple on our hands.

Other fans aren’t content with just a Cox cameo and are shooting for roles for the whole DD supporting cast.

What if this first-look image is hiding a clue that Daredevil’s coming?

Fans might want to cool their jets, though. Even if Cox and D’Onofrio are involved with the series, it won’t be coming to D+ until 2023.

Seriously, though, let’s not overlook how much there is to look forward to about Echo as it is. For one, Cox is the MCU’s first deaf and Native American lead.

No Daredevil stars were included in the official cast list for Echo, so if Cox or D’Onofrio are on board then Marvel is going to try and keep it a secret until the episodes air. Well, good luck with that, Kevin Feige, as the fandom is clearly feral for some news on when we can expect Murdock & Nelson and co. back on our screens. For now, you can stream all of Daredevil on Disney Plus.

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