MCU fans celebrate ‘Ms. Marvel’ upholding a grand episode 4 tradition

Ms. Marvel
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

Warning: Major spoilers for Ms. Marvel episode four.

So far, Ms. Marvel has exceeded expectations by being one of the freshest and most fun MCU TV series to date. Part of its appeal is how it’s managed not to fall into the same traps that have hampered some of the lesser efforts from the studio to date. And yet it’s also upheld one of the best tropes that’s already become a fixture of Marvel’s Disney Plus shows: the mind-blowing episode four cliffhanger.

Spoilers incoming!

For whatever reason, the fourth episode of every MCU streaming show released so far has ended on a shocking twist, and today’s Ms. Marvel follows suit. After Namja (Nimra Bucha) touches her bangle during a battle with the Clandestines in modern-day Karachi, Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) suddenly finds herself thrown decades into the past to the events of Partition in 1947.

While time travel isn’t new to the franchise, we weren’t expecting things to get all quauntum in the mystically inclined Ms. Marvel, so fans are busy picking their jaws up from the floor after catching this week’s episode. Plus, they’re loving the fact that the episode four cliffhanger tradition is still in tact.

It’s pretty much the law at this point.

This is what we call the “sh*t just got real” episode.

Or “Red Sarcophagus Time”, if you’re a Moon Knight lover.

Ms. Marvel‘s cliffhanger, though, earns extra points for being a genuine emotional gut-punch as well as a big shock.

This might’ve been the best episode of the series to date.

And it looks like we have a new winner for best episode four cliffhanger.

Although it’s got us worried that Ms. Marvel is going to follow another semi-tradition next week: that episode five has to be heartbreaking (see Moon Knight).

Only two more episodes left to go. Catch Ms. Marvel as it continues next Wednesday on Disney Plus.