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MCU fans exchange ‘She-Hulk’ mid-season thoughts, consensus is average

It's not awful, but it also isn't memorable.

Marvel fans share lukewarm 'She-Hulk' mid-season thoughts
Credit: Marvel Studios

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is now two-thirds of the way through its nine-episode run, so Marvel fans on Reddit took to sharing their impressions of the show so far, now that we’ve seen well over half of the series, and the reception has been quite lukewarm. 

While commenters on the post sought to find positives about the series, the author of the post, u/Tyleregg had two primary gripes with the show. The first is a perception of the show to be a little too heavy-handedly man-hating, the second being a perceived lack of character development in the run so far. 

However, the author appreciated the use of cameos in the series, particularly considering Jen broke the fourth wall early in the run to make a point of She-Hulk being her show, only to have an MCU cameo in just about every episode.

A contrarian view was presented by u/Carteeg_Struve, refuting the perceived man-hating and character development issue, saying that slow-burning character development is typical of the sitcom format the show presents.

Other commenters shared their views, and opinions were mixed — but there didn’t seem to be any particular enthusiasm swinging either way. In the view of the commenters on the thread, the show is pretty much just okay. 

Some are saying the show is enjoyable for a moment but quite easily forgettable.

Taking issue with the sitcom format of She-Hulk and its consequent background story arcs became a bit of a theme. 

However, there was another camp of commenters saying She-Hulk isn’t all bad, saying the show is simply a bit of fun and a different, and novel approach to tackling a story in the broader MCU. 

The most recent episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law saw the titular character attend a wedding and continue to grapple with her ongoing identity crisis, as well as get into a bit of a bust-up with Titania.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is available to stream on Disney Plus. 

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