MCU fans sharing what they want to see in ‘Spider-Man 4’


Now that Spider-Man: No Way Home is out there for all the world to see, you’d think that the ending of Tom Holland’s third solo adventure would set things up for what comes next, as has been the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s method for the last thirteen years.

While it does to certain extent without going into spoiler territory, it also gives the next batch of web-slinging blockbusters a relatively clean slate with which to start, even if we know the story will pick up with Peter Parker heading off to college to begin the next stage of his journey.

No Way Home hasn’t even been out for a week yet, but fans are already flocking to Twitter to share what they want to see happen when Holland’s friendly neighborhood superhero returns, even if some of the responses come with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Kevin Feige confirmed that Spider-Man 4 is in early development, something that trilogy writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers don’t know anything about, while Sony’s Amy Pascal wants to keep churning out content with Holland for as long as possible. That’s about all we’ve got to go on, but it’s not as if the MCU is a stranger to speculation.