MCU Theory Says Loki Is The Beginning And End Of A Multiversal Time Loop


It would be foolish to expect the deluge of Loki fan theories to dry up just because Season 1 has drawn to a close, especially when the finale blew the doors of the multiverse off their hinges, with the final scenes already hinting at the chaos coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Sylvie decided to kill He Who Remains and remove the only being overseeing an infinite number of realities.

Spider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Loki‘s Season 2 will all be dealing with the fallout, but a new theory presents the idea that the MCU’s multiverse could be something of a closed loop, with the recently concluded Disney Plus series acting as both the beginning and the end.

As per the theory, now that it’s been established all branching outcomes all stem from the Sacred Timeline, Kang the Conqueror could be revealed as the key player in every single one, even though he doesn’t discover the concept of the multiverse until the 30th Century. That would technically mean that no matter what happens in any pocket of reality, He Who Remains would be the deciding factor in every outcome given that it was his own variants who started the first multiversal war.

Much like Thanos, then, that would make him inevitable. At the end of the day, one Kang variant will always achieve supremacy once the others have been eliminated, which also neatly fits his established comic book history as a living paradox, one created by time travel who’s guaranteed to appear in every single strand of the multiverse in one form or another.

A cyclical multiverse might not be the most original or exciting way to spin it, but if Loki has indeed kicked off the first loop, then when it eventually closes the MCU will be able to move onto other things without having to tie itself into narrative knots explaining why it’ll ultimately drop such a massive element of Phase Four’s storytelling.