Meet Doctor Strange Supreme In New What If…? Poster

Marvel What If
Image via Marvel

So far on Marvel’s What If…? we’ve been introduced to Captain Carter, a Star-Lord T’Challa and a universe where the Avengers never formed. The latest poster for the animated series has now revealed what we can expect from this week’s episode 4. Get ready to meet a dark variant of Stephen Strange who’s being dubbed Doctor Strange Supreme.

“Doctor Strange Supreme arrives in the fourth episode of Marvel Studios’ #WhatIf, streaming Wednesday on @DisneyPlus,” The @MarvelStudios Twitter account shared this Monday afternoon along with the image. The poster depicts a twisted version of the Master of the Mystic Arts, denoted by his toned-down different costume and dark areas around his eyes. Could this be a hint that he’s being corrupted by Dormammu, like Kaecilius in the regular timeline? Check it out in the gallery below.

As with previous episodes, the protagonist of the episode is portrayed by their usual actor, with Benedict Cumberbatch set to lend his voice to this Dark Strange. Marvel dubbing him “Doctor Strange Supreme” may tell us that this variant of the former hot-shot surgeon becomes obsessed with becoming the greatest sorcerer on Earth, unlike the original who reluctantly took over from the Ancient One after her death.

This evil Strange is a character fans have been looking forward to getting to know since he was revealed in the trailers. It’s ironic this episode should come out now, however, just a week after the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer arrived and spawned a ton of theories that the Strange we see in the movie is really a villainous imposter. It’s unlikely there is any connection between this installment and the Spider-Man flick, but you never know.

Don’t miss Marvel’s What If…? when it debuts its fourth episode on Disney Plus this Wednesday, September 1st. Remember, there are nine episodes in total, so we’ve still several more weeks of the show left to go after this.