Meet the Super-hot Cast of ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 2

via Netflix

The first season of Too Hot to Handle on Netflix was just so good, producers knew the smartest decision would be to promptly release a second season. The second season of Too Hot to Handle was just as intense as the first, with romantic drama filled to the brim on every single episode. Some couples on the show were clearly meant to be, while others had no business wasting each other’s time. Here’s the full breakdown of cast members from Too Hot to Handle Season 2.

Cam Holmes

One of the most memorable individuals from Too Hot to Handle Season 2 would have to be Cam Holmes. The hunky male model admits that he wasn’t always the man he is today. On the first episode of the show, he said, “I didn’t use to have the confidence. I had a glow up. So I just started dressing differently, training a lot more, my hair became a lot better.” Cam is signed to FOMO Models and also works as a personal trainer, keeping his physique as toned as possible. 

Carly Lawrence

Carly Lawrence isn’t your typical blonde bombshell. She has a lot to offer and there’s so much more to her than what just meets the eye. She’s a stunning model who joined the cast of the show from Toronto, Canada. She’s pretty popular on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and OnlyFans these days. She recently launched a podcast called How the Fun Starts with new episodes posted every Wednesday. In the podcast, she talks about a wide variety of subjects and interviews several other social media influencers.

Melinda Melrose 

Plenty of social media users have banded together to label Melinda Melrose the star of Too Hot to Handle Season 2. She handled messy situations with such elegance and grace! Even when certain men on the reality show were treating her poorly, she still somehow came out on top. A life filled with travel is obviously what makes Melinda most happy. She’s got proof of her many trips to places like France, Puerto Rico, Barcelona, Thailand, and other destinations posted to her Instagram.

Chase DeMoor

It seems football is life for Chase DeMoor who made huge waves during his time on Too Hot to Handle Season 2. The nearly pro athlete stands at a staggering 6‘5“ and weighs in at 250 pounds. He’s currently the defensive end for the lineman in The Spring League which is considered minor leagues for the NFL. Although he’s not part of the actual NFL just yet, he’s certainly on his way.

Emily Miller

A lot of the dedicated fans of Too Hot to Handle have spent time comparing Emily Millar to Francesca Farago from Season 1 of the show, but Emily stands alone for being an exceptional beauty with a big personality. Just like Cam, she’s also signed to the FOMO Modeling agency. Posing in bikinis and lingerie is the norm for Emily who knows she looks absolutely amazing.

Peter Vigilante

Bouncing back-and-forth between New York City and Los Angeles is the perfect lifestyle for Peter Vigilante. The personal trainer was one of the youngest cast members on the show compared to everyone else, but he was able to easily fit right in. Since the second season is now over, fans of Peter have been able to easily keep up with him on TikTok where he posts new content all the time. Sometimes his videos are fitness related and other times they’re purely comical.

Larissa Trownson

Here’s a spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t seen Season 2 of Too Hot to Handle, but Larissa Trownson sadly doesn’t make it to the final episode. She decided to part ways with the show early because she wasn’t happy with the way things were going in the romance department. A fun fact about Larissa is that even though she’s not shy about showing a little extra skin, she also makes a living as a full-time lawyer. Her Instagram bio says, “You can be intellectual and wear a bikini too.” She’s not wrong!

Marvin Anthony

Marvin Anthony is one cast member from the show who had total confidence from the first episode until the finale. His good looks got him far with the ladies and helped him feel like he was in total control in most circumstances. A quick scroll through his IG reveals how invested he is in the world of fashion, luxury, and lavish living. He’s currently signed to NEVS Models.

Nathan Webb

The world of professional exotic dancing for males is quite lucrative and for Nathan Webb, it was a career path he admitted to having prior to joining the cast of Too Hot to Handle Season 2. These days, he’s focused on the unborn child he’s got on the way. His girlfriend, Kayleigh Rock, is expecting his firstborn kid! He didn’t discuss the notion of fatherhood during his time on the show but it’s something he seems to be ready for now.

Kayla Carter

Seeking out romantic scenarios on television isn’t for everyone, and for Kayla Carter, it just wasn’t the right move. She ended up getting kicked off the show pretty early because she wasn’t willing to make any meaningful connections with the people around her. The beautiful bartender and model went back home to Florida after things didn’t work out on the show.

Elle Monáe 

Spending time by the beach and following a strictly vegan diet is how Elle Monáe lives her life. Based on her Instagram page alone, it seems she’s generally attracted to the finer things. She didn’t get the chance to form any meaningful connections during her time on the show, but it was still interesting to watch her join the rest of the cast closer to the finale episode. 

Christina Carmela

Just like Larissa, Christina Carmela came onto the show with an impressive career that goes far beyond modeling. She’s actually a pilot! Being in charge of huge planes as they fly through the sky is a huge responsibility, but it’s one Christina can easily handle. Her amazingly good looks have taken her far in life, but her actual skillset takes her farther.

Robert Van Tromp

Robert Van Tromp was a late addition to the show, joining the rest of the cast closer to the finale episode. He definitely brought the drama as soon as he entered the house on the island with his fellow super hot co-stars. He’s currently signed with Alpha Talent Group.

Tabitha Clifft

With an intense focus on health and beauty, it’s no surprise at all that Tabatha Clifft is such a gorgeous young woman. She was another late addition to the second season of the show but when she eventually slipped in amongst her co-stars, it definitely made the show a lot more interesting to watch. She’s got her own beauty company called ‘Glow by Tabitha’.

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