Two And Half Men Plots Charlie Sheen’s Death

Two and a Half Men
The cast of Two and a Half Men in happier times

Two and a Half Men

TMZ turned up the internet chatter to 11 this week with reports that producers of Two and a Half Men are plotting to kill Charlie Sheen‘s Charlie Harper in the series ninth season premiere. TMZ claims that sources close to the show’s creator and producer Chuck Lorre have been kicking around scenarios for Charlie Harper’s death as a way of making certain that the controversial former star can never return.

Scenarios being kicked around include having Charlie Harper die in a car accident after driving his car over a cliff. This dark scenario has real life resonance as Sheen was involved in a harrowing crash in Februrary of 2010 when he drove his car off of a cliff and ended up in a ravine. Months later, Sheen claimed one of his cars was stolen and that car was also found at the bottom of a ravine.

Chuck Lorre was the target of much of Charlie Sheen‘s venom in the days and months after the star forced the shutdown of Two and a Half Men earlier this year, which led to Sheen being fired. The car accident death scenario would be a dark humored bit of revenge on Lorre’s part, if the rumor is true.

Ashton Kutcher takes over as the star of Two and a Half Men in the fall with Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones returning. Speculation has Kutcher’s character buying Charlie Harper’s house after Charlie’s death and somehow allowing Cryer’s Alan and Jones’s Jake to stay in the house with him. Kutcher’s character hasn’t been named as of yet.

As for Charlie Sheen, Radar Online claims that Sheen is teaming with Lionsgate and is pitching a sitcom that has drawn interest from cable channels. Early reports had TBS interested in the show but the network offered a flat denial of any negotiations related to a Charlie Sheen sitcom. The show would allegedly have Sheen playing a character very similar to his Two and A Half Men persona which was already relatively close to his real life persona.

What do you make of all this? Is killing off Sheen’s character the way to go?

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