How I Met Your Mother Fall TV Preview

Season six of How I Met Your Mother ended on a somewhat disappointing note. The season finale wasn’t as funny or fascinating as it should have been. Ted (Josh Radnor) was left still alone. Robin (Cobie Smulders) is now pining for Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) as he pined for her in season four and Marshall (Jason Segal) and Lilly (Alyson Hannigan) are having a baby just as Marshall is moving into his new dream job. It was a tidy but not all that funny finale that leads us to season seven hoping that the show can recover the missing jokes.

Season seven will begin with the wedding of Ted’s pal Punchy and a big dance number, if the most recent season premiere promo, embedded below, is to be believed. In an interview with TVLine, producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas said that the one hour season premiere will start at Barney’s wedding, the series cliffhanger from season six.

However, we will not find out the identity of Barney’s bride until later in the season. Also from the TVLine interview, Bays and Thomas say that Marshall and Lilly’s pregnancy will be a catalyst for many of this year’s storylines as Ted, Robin and Barney contemplate their futures.

Guest stars for season seven of How I Met Your Mother will include Martin Short, who will have a lengthy stay on the show as Marshall’s new boss, an environmental lawyer with a dark secret.

When Marshall will go to work is in question however, thanks to another guest star, frequent It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia guest, comic Jimmy Simpson. Simpson will play a former college pal of Marshall’s who puts Marshall’s job prospects in jeopardy by posting a video of Marshall partying as a character he calls “Beer-cules.”

Finally, Kal Penn from Harold and Kumar and House fame will join How I Met Your Mother for a several episode arc as Robin’s therapist turned love interest. From what we’ve learned, Robin will spend the season pining for Barney but when that pining leads to a violent encounter, Robin is sentenced to therapy and winds up falling for her therapist.

Despite the disappointing season six finale, How I Met Your Mother remains one of the funniest and most inventive sitcoms on television. As maddening as the show’s set ups and payoffs can be, I am still in for waiting to find out how Ted met the mother of his children and while that may be another season away, I have a feeling that this terrific cast will make it worth the wait.

Season seven of How I Met Your Mother is set for a one hour premiere on Monday, September 19th on CBS.

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