How I Met Your Mother Review: “The Autumn Of Break-Ups” (Season 8, Episode 5)

I understand Victoria’s hesitation, especially considering their first relationship ended with Ted kissing Robin, but how does Victoria making him stop hanging out with Robin provide any peace of mind? She says she’d always be wondering if there was something there if Ted and Robin continue to hang out, but wouldn’t the thought always be in her head that maybe Ted was only with her because she provided that ultimatum, and he is always wondering “what if” in regard to Robin?

So Ted heads to MacLaren’s with the intention of telling Robin that he can no longer be friends with her, when suddenly something changes his mind, and we see him talking to Victoria, telling her that Robin is family and he can’t lose that. Victoria says she hopes he gets Robin some day, and then leaves the bar.

Thankfully, Ted came to his senses before it was too late. Now that we again have single Ted we can see him get back into the game and search for the mother that everyone has been waiting years to see. Odds are it’ll take an episode or two before he’s back in the game, but the show can use that time to show more of the other characters who’ve been lacking lately.

Barney made a bit of a come-back this week, providing some great laughs throughout. He finds himself a new wing-man, the kind he always wished Ted was, one who the bitches love, who buries bones all day and chases tail like no other. Yes that’s right, Barney’s new wingman is a dog.

The first half of the episode was a bit disappointing in terms of dog scenes, the two just sat at the bar, but in the second half Barney and Brover were in full form hitting on tons of women for Barney and lady pooches for Brover. The scenes where Brover was chasing tail were absolutely hilarious, especially when Barney was willing to play the jerk and have Brover save the day.

Barney’s relationship with Brover worries Robin from the start, but her concern is heightened when Barney buys Brover a suit and multiple ties. She’s probably right in Brover being a call for help, but the way she voices her concern and is so in-tune to Barney’s emotional state, shows that she definitely still has feelings for Barney.

Just when it looks like Barney and Brover will be best friends forever, Brover’s owner calls Barney asking for Barney to bring him back. Barney acts as if he’s okay with this, calming walking to the balcony to throw himself off.

After being brought back inside by Robin, they go to return Brover together, and it turns out his owner is very attractive, meaning Brover came through for Barney one last time.

Overall, Brover was a great idea and executed quite well, however there were two slight problems with him. I would’ve rather had them not translate what he was saying. I think having Barney react to the barks as if he could understand, and the rest of us not having the slightest idea would’ve been way better. Also, how did the owner get his number? Just a small plot snag, but it could’ve been easily address with what Barney said on the phone.

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