How I Met Your Mother Review: “Bad Crazy” (Season 8, Episode 16)

Before getting into the actual plot, it was the additional elements of tonight’s How I Met Your Mother episode that made it one of the best half hours of the season. I’m not sure whether it just happened that all the perfect ingredients fell into this episode or if it was a conscious effort by the show’s creators to win back the fans who are upset about a lackluster 8th season. Regardless of their intentions, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are wise enough to know that when you combine Mike Tyson and Boba Fett you simply can’t go wrong.

That’s right, not only was there a Boba Fett costume to supplement Barney’s storm trooper one, but there was an appearance from one of the greatest boxers of all time. Of course neither of those things were the focus of the plot, but they made the story all the sweeter and resulted in a great episode.

The other thing that made this episode so successful was the separation of the men in the group from the women. Marshall, Barney, and Ted hanging out alone, without Lily and Robin, led to so many more opportunities for great humor. Whether it was Barney and Marshall lying to Ted about letting Jeanette in, or Ted and Marshall shouting that she “is a cawp!” those three alone were absolutely hilarious.

Ted realizes at the start of the episode that he has to break up with Jeanette because she’s completely out of her mind. After telling his friends about the crazy things she’s had him do he concedes that he would be better off without her.

Ted decides to break up with her in a public place, just to be safe, and as far as we know at that point in time, they break up and head their separate ways. As the episode goes on, we find out that the break-up didn’t go quite as Ted claimed. In fact, he ended up making out with her and just hoping he’d never talk to her again.

He tells Barney and Marshall to be sure not to let her into the apartment, which they of course do, and she barricades herself in Ted’s room. In an attempt to keep all his possessions from being broken, Ted attempts to find a way to coax her out of the room. Naturally, he fails. Eventually he resorts to calling the cops which, while a drastic move, is totally warranted. Unfortunately, it turns out Jeanette is a cop, and she says she’ll head over to take a look, meaning no one from the NYPD is coming to Ted’s rescue.

Ted has no idea what to do, but Robin was told by a wise friend that whenever a woman acts crazy, there’s a good chance the man she’s with is pretty crazy as well. Lily hears this and says that maybe Ted would be better off staying with Jeanette, at least for the time being. Ted realizes that Lily has a point, goes back upstairs, and gets back together with Jeanette.

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