How I Met Your Mother Review: “Daisy” (Season 9, Episode 20)


The fact that Lily is pregnant is a great way to tie her and Marshall’s story together. I wasn’t sure what was going to bring them back to one another, but when Lily simply said she was willing to give up Italy, it wasn’t the satisfying ending they deserved. When Lily and Marshall first see each other after it’s known that she’s pregnant, the reactions are all close to perfect. It’s a quality emotional scene, and not at all over the top. While it isn’t quite on the level of the Mother’s conversation with her dead ex-boyfriend, it was handled in a similar way and that made it a truly memorable moment.

Overall, “Daisy” was finally another quality episode for the show. They let the majority of the humor come from Ted, which has been the most successful recently, the plot moved forward, and I’d say that the stories have been wrapped up for one set of characters, which is something that desperately needed to happen. The way they handle the reveal here is straight out of classic How I Met Your Mother episodes, as it’s unexpected and provokes a quality emotional response without being overly corny.

If the writers are able to wrap the stories of the other remaining characters as well as they handled Lily and Marshall, then the last few episodes of this season should be a treat. I’m a bit pessimistic that will happen, just because we haven’t seen a string of great episodes in a while, but here’s to holding out hope. For now, “Daisy” is one of the better episodes of the season.

Other Random Notes

  • The Captain’s morning singing with his maids is a hilarious addition to the character.
  • I feel like Ted is capable of coming up with a much better catch-phrase than “Mosby boys!”
  • “Lily never chews gum.” “What? Never?” “Well, hardly ever.”
  • Love Ted saying it’s insane how much happened in a day and a half. Great meta moment.
  • “I don’t know! I just like boats.”
  • It makes sense that Lily wasn’t actually drinking that much. If she had been, she likely wouldn’t have been coherent.
  • “C’mon bro, don’t bogart the Funyuns.”

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