How I Met Your Mother Review: “Knight Vision” (Season 9, Episode 6)

Knight Vision

In terms of pushing the story forward, this week’s episode sets up the search for a new minister, which certainly will be a source of laughter for us, and likely a fair bit of stress for the characters. The only other person that we know is able to do a wedding ceremony is Barney, and I’m pretty sure it isn’t legal to do your own ceremony. We do know James’ dad is a pastor, so perhaps he’ll come back into the picture. Or the fact Marshall has accepted the job as a judge could lead to him serving as the officiant, but regardless, there’s likely going to be a lot of laughs during the search.

We also have Lily’s reaction to Marshall’s news that’s set up in this episode. It isn’t as if we didn’t know that at some point it would become an issue, but it certainly didn’t seem like she was going to find out the news through a text. Perhaps something will happen, similar to earlier in the season, and she won’t see the text, but either way it’s something of substance to pop up next week. There’s also the issue of Daphne working for oil companies, but that’ll likely be minor in comparison with the Marshall and Lily conflict.

This episode is way funnier from start to finish than anything else we’ve seen this season, and there really aren’t any glaring flaws. The story sets up quite a bit for future episodes, without falling into overly-serious territory like most episodes that set the stage for plots extending deep into the season. Because of that, I’ll say Knight Vision is the best episode of this young season by far, and it’ll be hard to top any time in the near future.

Other Random Notes

  • No self-five is a cool five. A prayer five is awesome.
  • Ted has already has a whip and the Indiana Jones hat. No way he wouldn’t be Indiana Jones.
  • Wedding at Bernie’s. They just can’t let that movie go.
  • “She chose… Wesley.” Quality pun Grail Knight. Quality pun.
  • Watching Robin and Barney act out Marshall and Lily’s story is funny, but watching Marshall repeat Barney’s lines was absolutely hilarious.
  • It’s like the holy grail of cups!
  • Come again for lil fudge!

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