How I Met Your Mother Review: “The Lighthouse” (Season 9, Episode 8)

The Lighthouse

A lot of How I Met Your Mother fans spent the last couple weeks theorizing that The Lighthouse would be the episode where the Mother would finally reappear. Sure enough, earlier today Craig Thomas Tweeted that the Mother would be back in this episode, meaning everyone who had been anxiously awaiting her arrival had even more of a reason to be excited for tonight. And for those fans who didn’t just want just a glimpse of the Mother, but rather some significant involvement for her, The Lighthouse will not disappoint.

But first, the rest of the episode. This one picks up with Robin and Barney’s mother at each other’s throats again. Loretta insists that she can make the best scrambled eggs in the world, but Robin says that her mom makes them much better. When Loretta makes her eggs, they’re so good that the entire hotel ends up wanting to have some. When it turns out that Robin can’t even make eggs, the news that she can’t have kids comes to light. Barney’s explanation causes his mother to soften some, and she and Robin ultimately make up.

While that’s going on, Ted decides to take Cassie up to the lighthouse, mainly because the desk clerk doesn’t want such a lonely man going to such a high place alone. The entire day is terrible, and Ted wishes he had been at such a beautiful spot with someone special, not a girl he really can’t stand. Eventually he returns to the spot with the Mother, and that’s what this episode will be remembered for.

Other than a brief stop at Ted’s mom’s house, Marshall is fairly non-existent in this episode. Clint tries to give him and Daphne a bit of conflict management, but that just turns into him strumming a guitar as Marshall’s anger builds. Usually when Marshall’s screen time is cut short it’s to the detriment of the episode, but with how much was going on in the other plots, there really wasn’t any way to keep him more involved.

The Robin vs. Barney’s Mom showdown is back at the forefront of this episode, and coming in I wasn’t all that happy about having to watch more of that.  Everything about their conflict has seemed out of character and thus not all that believable. The start of this episode is no different. The way Robin is brutally cruel about the blouse is way out of hand, and the fact she has no idea how to crack an egg is ridiculous. That being said, the way they resolve the conflict is great. It’s another quality example of Barney’s growth this season, and hopefully with the way their feud is wrapped up, the problems between the two will be completely gone from the rest of the season.

Now onto Ted. First of all, it’s about time the universe started speaking to Ted again. Through the years it’s been a little over-the-top at times in regards to how Ted believes that everything that happens is a sign from the universe leading him to something better. In small doses though, it’s nice to see he believes something better is destined for him. The slight reference to that long-standing belief is a welcome reminder of the more optimistic days of Ted.