How I Met Your Mother Review: “Nannies” (Season 8, Episode 3)

Neither Ted nor Robin were very prevalent in this episode, but their scenes gave us the biggest glimpse into the future of the show.

Their respective relationships with Victoria and Nick have turned into an exes’ competition over who has the most successful relationship.

A lot of the funnier moments came from their one-upping. My favorite was when Robin has been invited to Hawaii for New Years by Nick’s parents and she asks Ted if he’s met Robin’s parents. Ted replies that he hasn’t met her parents since her parents are dead. Robin sees right through him and replies “Are they, Ted?” Ted caves with a dejected “no.”

But alas, neither of the relationships are nearly as happy as they make them out to be. Nick is too emotional for Robin and Victoria is too messy for Ted. It seems imminent break-ups are inevitable, and towards the end of the show future Ted confirms that both of these relationships will end within the month.

I’m fairly happy with these impending break-ups. The second incarnation Victoria has been a huge letdown. She’s been basically non-existent in the show, and in the few moments we have seen her, there’s been none of what made Ted first fall in love. Where is the cupcake-making, drumroll-loving Victoria? If that Victoria’s gone, then this one needs to be. Although we haven’t seen enough of Nick to really judge him, single Robin is better for the show, and it’s time for them to be done now.

If I had to guess, Robin and Nick will end before Ted and Victoria, but the breakups will come in close succession. We’ll likely be shown at least a few more girls before meeting the mother, so it’s time for Ted to get back in the game.

After Ted and Victoria’s break-up, we can also expect Ted’s desperation to increase. It’s been 8 years since he decided it was time to get married, and he still hasn’t met the one. Maybe he’ll quit his job and spend his days searching the streets for the woman he’s destined to be with. Regardless, I expect the show will be a bit more focused on Ted in the coming weeks, which is a change I’m looking forward to.

The lack of plot revelations may be a let-down for some, but I think it was needed to leave room for the humor the show is built on. Both Barney’s story and Lily and Marshall’s story don’t really go anywhere in terms of the lasting story, but that opened the door to a funnier episode than we’ve seen in quite a while.

Nannies was a nice change of pace from the last two weeks, providing a lighter feel and giving the audience no reason to have any extended emotional response. Although not one of the all-time funniest episodes, there were some great laugh-out-loud moments, and hopefully we’ll have more of the same next week.

Other Random Notes

  • One of the funniest parts of the episode was when Mickey is looking for a lucky number at the racetrack and asks a young Lily “What’s your birthday?” Her despondent reply of “Today…” was an odd combination of hilarious and depressing.
  • I always like when they reference Ted’s fandom of pitiful Cleveland sports. Sorry Ted, looks like the Browns will be terrible for a long time.
  • Jorgenson as in George Jorgenson’s Organs, whose son Morgen now sells organs and they have a store in Oregon called… Piano Town.
  • Marshall needing 6 9v batteries was a great throwback to boyhood. If only Lily had given him 5 more minutes…
  • Mickey’s thumbs. Need I say more?
  • Where can I find a burrito as big as the one Mickey had? I mean a burrito the size of a baby looks incredible.
  • How has Robin not scared Nick away yet? Texting him it’s an emergency just so she can see his abs, and this week hopping all over him at the bar? He should be running far, far away by now.

Check back next week for my thoughts on the fourth episode in the eighth season of How I Met Your Mother.