How I Met Your Mother Review: “Platonish” (Season 9, Episode 9)


Ted’s clarity at the end of the episode is refreshing. After all, this is Ted’s story. The moments that lead to him being ready to meet the Mother are the most important moments for the show. With the way he acts in this episode, it almost seems like he really may be over Robin. He didn’t feel the need to chase after her, and that shows a lot of growth. Both him and Barney have shown great strides toward becoming better people in recent years, and despite all the flaws these last two seasons have had, that growth has kept things interesting.

Thankfully, the episode is quite funny and that’s what keeps it from bordering on boring. The show is a lot better away from the wedding weekend, so having an entire episode away from it is a welcome change. I just wish it had been set up a bit better, so things didn’t feel so out of place. Still, there are enough laughs that this is an episode of How I Met Your Mother that I won’t dread revisiting.

Other Random Notes

  • I’m going to start trying to scare the hiccups out of people when they’re crying. May lose a few friends, but at least it won’t be quite as awkward.
  • “I am so sick of being smarter than everyone else.”
  • “Yeah, cuz it’s 1994 and I’m going to pick up a phone without knowing who’s on the other end.”
  • “I will live on your Facebook wall!”
  • Ted and Marshall would be Generals fans. The only team it’s harder to root for than Cleveland teams.
  • “I’d be Glad to. Just hope she’s not too Hefty.”
  • “Hey ref! Check your voicemail! I think you missed a few calls.”
  • The premier actors of our time: Clooney, DiCaprio, and William Zabka.
  • I like that they’ve kept Marshall and Lily’s Ted and Robin bet alive. I can’t wait to see that one get paid off.

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