How I Met Your Mother Review: “Something New” (Season 8, Episode 24)

After 8 long years and 192 episodes of How I Met Your Mother, the future Mrs. Ted Mosby has finally been revealed. And it was dreadfully anticlimactic.

This episode, Something New, was absolutely phenomenal throughout. From start until 20 seconds to finish, every character had a quality story, with excellent, heartfelt moments, and so many doors opened for the future. But then, the mother was revealed, and it left a horrible taste going into season 9. Before you get angry about my distaste for the style of their reveal, hear me out.

I wanted the first glimpse I had at the mother to be at the same time as Ted first set eyes on her, to share Ted’s rush of emotion as he sees the woman that ultimately he will marry. To watch in wonder as he realizes that the yellow umbrella she held is the same one that was in his possession so many years ago. To then see her face, after we realize with Ted she is the one. Rather, we get to see her long before he has any idea who she is or really, that she even exists at all.

This is the moment that fans have waited an excruciatingly long time for. It’s what has propelled the show to its mass following and great success in the ratings. The humour is great, and there are some really memorable characters, but make no mistake, this is Ted Mosby’s journey.

Don’t get me wrong, the show certainly won’t suffer now that the reveal has happened. There are far too many unanswered questions and the whole issue of Ted actually meeting her, but to not have the reveal properly done is a crime.

Aside from the reveal, I really enjoyed this episode. Ted’s clarity when it comes to Robin is extremely refreshing. In fact, all five core characters showed growth on some level in this episode, which is huge for the show moving into the 9th season. Whether it’s Barney realizing it can be as satisfying to bring people together as to break them apart, or Lily realizing what’s really going on with Ted, a lot of development will lead to an interesting next season for sure.

The fact Marshall is indeed going to take the judgeship is the exact sort of kink that I was saying would stall the trip to Rome, but the way the season played out in terms of his application is excellent. The amount of episodes between the application and now are just enough to push it out of the front of the audience’s mind, I’ll admit that I was caught off guard when he received the call, and that makes it all the more powerful that he got the position he’s desired for so long.

In terms of Ted, his move to Chicago is likely going to be stalled, or at least not be permanent, due to the fact that the woman he’s desired to meet for so long is stepping into his life within 56 hours of where this episode leaves off. The parallels between him moving away from Robin and Robin’s move to Japan also provides an interesting thing to think about with Robin and Barney’s wedding. When Robin moved, Ted didn’t get married. Is that foreshadowing something about Barney and Robin? I’ve said for a while now just because they have a wedding doesn’t mean they’re going to get married, and as this season closes, I stand by that.

Despite my lack of excitement about the way the mother was revealed, this really was an extremely good episode. So much from the season came together in very effective ways, and there was little to complain about with this episode. A stark contrast from the majority of season 8, but it serves as a great way for the season to end.

Other Random Notes

  • Chicago is just a Clevelandly New York? Come on Ted, don’t insult America’s greatest city.
  • Possibly the funniest part of the episode was Marshall’s interaction with the man offering him the position as a judge.

It’s been a pleasure reviewing season 8 of How I Met Your Mother. Thank you to all those who read the reviews all year, and to those of you just reading this review, thanks as well. We’ve now got a long four months to wait until season 9 hits TV, but until then check back with us at We Got This Covered, as I will be bringing you up to date on all season 9 rumors and casting news.